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Cake Stall on mum2mum market

We took part in mum2mum market during the weekend. It was a great pleasure to introduce our cakes to the local people.
Tiny little cake pops became a hit amongst children who came to the event. Only a handful of them were left at the end. Also lot of people tasted our orange flavoured cake. We are very pleased with the satisfaction they have given us.
This became one of the highlights of our stall. The chocolate cake with chocolate ganache puts a smile on to everyone who tasted it.
Decorate Your Own Cookies
This little box included two cookies, a pot of coloured icing sugar and a pot of decorations. Completed with instructions, they were pretty handy as a party bag item. If not, they are great for children who enjoy cupcake/cookies decorating.

Cake Tasting & Wedding Cake Showcase

What a wonderful day it was. An excellent opportunity for us to introduce our flavours to our customers. Our wedding flavours were particularly popular, with customers able to see examples of all of the different ways in which we can present them (boxed, wrapped or in cellophane bags).

After having a very enjoyable day and receiving a lot of positive feedback, we can't wait for the annual Simply Creations Cake Tasting & Wedding Cake Showcase to return again next year.
The flavours on display included almond, rich fruit, carrot, vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and many more.
The macaroons were a favourite amongst our guests. We had two colours on offer with a vanilla filling and there were none left by the end of the event. We will be sure to add to the variety of flavours on show for next year's event.
Who could forget out selection of classic cupcakes? With many different presentations on show, they brought an added touch of elegance to our showcase.
What can I say about the cake pops? All I know is that, one by one, they all disappeared. These treats proved just as popular with our adult guests as they did with the kids. If you have an opportunity to taste one of these at one of our future events, do not pass it up!
We have a variety of mini treats that can be used as gifts. Why not consider something a little more exciting than almonds for your wedding? We can create completely unique rich cake pieces, date cake pieces, cake pops - you name it! The possibilities are endless.