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Our Mouth Watering Flavours

Chocolate Cake : Rich, moist chocolate cake.
Variations: Chocolate chips in the middle that will melt when heated, can be used as a warm dessert with vanilla ice cream.

Madeira/Butter Cake : Vanilla flavoured moist cake. Most popular for children parties. Can be carved to any shape. Variations: Can add a few colours to give a marble effect or a multicoloured rainbow cake.

Coffee Cake : Something different to the more common cakes. More suitable for adults.

Sponge Cake : Light cake that can only be made to the shape of the pan.

Light Fruit Cake : More suitable for adults as it contains dried fruits and nuts.

Rich Fruit Cake : Rich cake similar to Christmas cake. More suitable for weddings or other special occasions. Contains nuts and dried fruits.

Apple Cake : Very popular cake amongst adults. Moist and light cake with apple flavour. Although apple flavour is not dominant.

Lemon Cake : Another variation of the Madeira cake for the citrus lovers.

Orange Cake : A variation of the madeira cake with orange zest.

Eggless Cake : Suitable for vegetarians. Do not contain eggs.

Something Different

Carrot Cake : A Moist cake containing nuts and spices. More suitable for adults. Recommended with a cream cheese frosting.

Beetroot Cake : It does not taste like a main course. Tasters have really enjoyed it.

Red Velvet Cake : A cousin of a chocolate cake. Red in the middle.

Mississippi Cake : Contains a chocolate cake with cashew nuts with a layer of marshmallows and a rich creamy chocolate topping.